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Feedback from glyphosate study participants…


I am 5 months pregnant.  Thanks for doing this!

This is important work and I call it a platform for citizen scientists.

Thank you for this invaluable opportunity to identify my possible body burden.

Thank you for offering this service … I was eating non-organic oats unconsciously aware that they were not organic. I threw them away and will only buy organic from now on.

Looking forward to my personal results as well as the results of the study

This is interesting to me as I live in a suburb surrounded by agriculture, eat and drink mostly organic; yet still have a residue. Thank you for taking on this study!

I am so happy that the levels were not detectable in me. Eating clean, living clean and generally avoiding western medicine really does work!

This is a great idea!

Thrilled that you’re doing it!  Thank you!!!!!

I’m an organic farmer, my neighbor farms corn/soy conventionally, the field is 100 feet from our residential boundary.  Interested to know what kind of impact his activity has on our health/exposure.

Great Survey!!!  Keep the great work!!!  (a family physician)

Looking forward to my own personal results, as well as the results of the entire test sample which should give a good indicator as to how we all are being exposed … Thanks for doing this study, the results will tell a story and benefit us all!

I am happy to know an organization like yours is concerned and doing testing on this subject!